What is a Phishing Attack ?

In cyber security world , phishing has a great importance now days for attacker and for the victims too .

Basically phishing is similar to fishing in which a person put the bait in the sea to trick and target the fishes .

If we can take the example in this way that , the cyber world Sea could be “Internet” and the bait can be “email , Phone Call or SMS” and the fishes are the victims who are on target of bad actors / hackers .

Phishing is a sort of social engineering cyberattack in which a con artist poses as a reliable individual in order to trick the target into complying with the attacker’s request. Typical targets of a phishing assault include:

  • Gain access to confidential information
  • Get access into your network
  • Wire money to the attackers
  • Inject malware

This kind of phishing attack involves tricking individuals into opening a malicious link by using a format that a reliable company frequently use.

For example, an impersonator attacked Netflix in 2021.

The phishing email informed the recipient that their Netflix account had been suspended due to repeated unsuccessful payments and asked them to click on a link to change their payment information.

Clicking the link would lead to a false website that’s identical to Netflix’s. Any credentials you enter on this website, including your login information or payment card information, will be forwarded to the hackers, who can use it in future attacks or sell it on the dark web.

Thought of the day, Awareness is a key to save it you in today’s time !

2 thoughts on “What is a Phishing Attack ?

    1. There are trainings over the topic ” Phishing Awareness Trainings” freely available over the internet also some professionals are providing these types of charged sessions on demand to any organization .

      Secondly , even if you will find something fishy after opening any email you are still safe until or unless you follow the bad actor / hacker instructions like putting your confidential information in terms of ID , Password , Credit/Debit Card , Medical , Driving License details or download any attachment which might inject some malware in your system .

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